Our Work


In May 2012, St. Seraphim’s Trust was successful in its application for a Stage 1 Heritage Lottery grant for much needed work in making available its iconographic and railway heritage to the public. The main aim of the Trust is to keep the Chapel open daily for all visitors and to restore the property, including the platform. The property and garden will be brought up to modern standards with public access throughout. The Trust is forging ahead with the work, despite the setback of being unsuccessful in the Stage 2 bid. We would like to thank everyone who has supported us through this difficult process and would like to invite you to follow our progress on our blog.



Further work includes the writing of a history of the Brotherhood and its iconographers as well as the publishing of literature relating to the life and teaching of St. Seraphim. For this work to carry on we need both volunteers and charitable donations, please Get Involved if you would like to help.


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