The photo of the last train to Wells from Walsingham, about 9.30 pm on 5th October, 1964, was taken by Mr Kenneth Faircloth, local photographer then resident in Walsingham.

This photograph was kindly supplied by the family of the late Mr K Faircloth who took the original image.

The above Photograph was kindly supplied by the family of the late Mr K Faircloth who took the original image.

In the photograph are Mr Dewing, Mr George Woodcock who owned the farm where the Walsingham Stables now are. The Stationmaster was Mr Tony Ellender.
The Coalmen in those days were Mr Butcher and the Co-op coalman who ran the shop in the High Street. The coalyard was across by the bullock pens. Coombes of corn were stored in the large railway sacks in the goods shed, as was the odd engine.There was a pump with a big wheel (like the one in the Abbey Farm yard today,which was in the garden by the wall just inside the gate where the stationmaster lived. This was the water supply for the station. There was a lovely polished table in the waiting room. Three red fire buckets containing sand hung on the wall (the hooks are still there)

Tom Leveridge was the first stationmaster.He lived in what is now St Claire’s in Knight Street. He always had a wheelbarrow with inflated tyres.

The workshop with the chimney is still standing along the track which was like the one the railwaymen had their dinner in.

Wally Staines was a stationmaster.There was also Tom Yarham and Charlie Wright.Tony Ellender lived at 18 Mt Pleasant.Wally Staines was a shunter.

Sugarbeet was loaded onto the wagons to be taken out, also cabbages.Wet pulp and coal came in.

Brass cartridges from Wells were taken out in the war to Norwich or Kings Lynn scrapyards.Tanks were also taken by train. The workman’s shed was near the allotments on the bank opposite the present garden.

The village policemen living in Constable’s cottage were, Rook, Flynn and Wolf was the last one who lived there. The police house was then built on Mt Pleasant.

Billy Thompson kept the pub, the King’s Head, opposite the station, as did Lenny Reeve. The last landlord, Ray L…. also kept the slaughterhouse in Swaffham.

Vick Frary, Mr Flanagan, Mr Baldwin and Danny Coe were smallholders who sent good by train.

Mr Wace, Gt Walsingham, Mr Joyce Cannister Hall and Mr Crane (who had the farm Mr Fox took over at Houghton St Giles) were farmers who used the railway for goods.

By Mr Kenny Dewing

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