The Orthodox Church


The Orthodox faith is Evangelical; it is a simple faith, in accordance with the Gospel. We worship Jesus Christ as God, together with the Father and the Spirit, the Holy Consubstantial and Undivided Trinity. We do not think in terms of ‘the historical Jesus’, He is the same yesterday, today and forever. When we hear the Gospel read in church, we stand alongside the disciples and the people of Galilee and Jerusalem and hear Christ speaking to us TODAY. With the publican we repent, with the lepers we are healed, with His Mother we stand by the Cross, with the Myrrh bearing Women we worship the Risen Lord and as from Mount Tabor so here in Walsingham we go forth to bring the Gospel to all creation. Every Sunday of the year is celebrated as Resurrection day when the Glory of the Risen Lord shines upon us.

The Orthodox Faith has been passed on and taught by the Orthodox, Catholic and Apostolic Church, was planted and nourished in the east and has spread from the east into all the universe and remains even so to this day, undivided and unchanged.


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