Father David and Leon


Leon Liddament and Father David (below) began painting icons for a living in the 1960’s and continued up to Father David’s death in 1993 and Leon’s in 2010. Memory Eternal!

Their work was has been commissioned by individuals and churches all over the world, as well as closer to home. In Walsingham you may also see their work in the Catholic Shrine’s Chapel of Reconciliation, the Orthodox Chapel in the Anglican Shrine and Church of the Holy Transfiguration in Great Walsingham.

Both iconographers used traditional methods of egg tempera painting and developed their own distinct styles. They drew their inspiration from both Greek and Russian sources, as well as Celtic ornamentation. This allowed them to develop an iconography which satisfied their own simple spirituality as well as those who bought their icons.

They placed particular emphasis on the early British Saints in their work, such as St. Columba and St. Alban. Through their activities, they created a British Orthodoxy centred on the core beliefs of the Orthodox faith.


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